Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dominie Happenings...

Hello!  Its been a while since I last posted, we have been going, going, going like crazy.  And its been good!  Lots of BBQ's, a birthday, and Easter.  We are slowly starting to create a small circle of friends up here, well, to be honest, I am creating a circle of friends...Dusty has known them for years. Lol.  We have a few couples we hang out with who all have kids right around the same age as Addy, which makes it so nice.  She has her group of friends from school, but I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know she is making friends up here in Springville near our house.  In just a couple short years, she will start Kinder and I love knowing she will be there with a group of her "girls".  (If we are still up here!)
Some of her friends..
Its been so good for me too, this whole making friends thing.  Of course, I have people at work that I adore, but its so nice to have a group who have nothing to do with my day to day job.  I've been missing having other moms around me going through some of same things I go through.  Its such a nice release to be able to sit with them and gripe about the same things.  ;-) Lol.  Its all finally starting to feel like a version of "home"...even if it isn't Texas!  
Dusty and I being big kids ourselves...
Last week was Easter!  We started the day here at the house with Addy doing her own little egg hunt in our yard after finding a surprise from a certain bunny.  
She got to meet the Easter bunny at school!

We headed over to my sister in law's family get together which happened to be up here in Springville as well.  We BBQ-ed, let the kids do an egg hunt, and ended the day with some fishing.  

Last nite was another big one in our household...Addy slept in her "big girl bed" for the first time!  She chose her own bedding which was Disney fairies...she is in love with Tinkerbell these days.  She slept through the whole nite without a peep.  I cannot believe she is getting so big...its all happening too quick. I want it to slow down a little...let her be my baby just a little bit longer.  Ugh..makes my heart ache.  Love her so much.  She is our world!

 So that's what has been going on around here lately!  Our garden is sprouting by the way! Yay!!!