Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

12 month checkup

yesterday was addy's 12 month checkup...a week or so late. :)

23 lbs--this was shocking! we thought she was heavier than that!
30 1/4 in long--she is 2 1/2 ft tall already!

she is eating just about everything now. we got the clearance to try some fish with her now. yum! just in time for pensacola! dr. yaeger still thinks we need to wait a bit longer to try peanut butter though. we are also working on weaning off of breast milk. we made it a year--yay!! she continues to nurse twice a day--first thing in the morning and right before bed. she drinks about 12 oz of whole milk a day. she drinks that better for ms. rachael and ms. anna than she does for me. ;) she also tried juice for the first time last week. something else i am very proud we waited this long to do. she isn't really a fan yet though. she prefers her water. not all bad!

she is becoming so fun to play with! she initiates games of peek-a-boo and lately, her version of "chase". when she has something she isn't supposed to have, she no longer gives it to me easily--she thinks she is real funny when she makes me come after her. she got put in time out for the first time at daycare last week for shouting at the lunch table. she was told 3 times to quiet down, but she had other ideas. one year old and already in time out? i think dusty and i are going to have our hands full! she still loves duke like no other. that is her "bubbas". he is so loving back to her as well. she has become very fond of stuffed animals and is also noticing our pictures on the wall of her and the family. she is also turning into quite the little ham. loves to make us the spotlight!

she says "dada" clear as day. it makes me melt to see how excited she gets when dusty walks in the door and vice versa. they are love bugs. :) she says "mama", "bubba", and nods yes and no. she also understands a lot more of what we say to "where's your water? is it time for bath?" etc.

she is perfect. and we are not biased in the least. we continue to grow more in love with her every day.

Friday, June 25, 2010

flashback friday

our honeymoon in jamaica--september 2007
our yummy coconut "cups" :)
man...i wish we were there right about now...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

she turned 1

this past saturday marked the birthday of our sweet girl and we celebrated all weekend long! the weekend started last thursday when alyson, her son ruston, and my mother in law came in town. we laid low around the house, went on some wagon rides, had some takeout, watched the kids play, and drank some beers. :)

friday was filled with toni, myself, and addy doing some last minute shopping for the big party. we ran to wal mart where addy got to help pick out some of her very cool birthday presents--a new playground, and a fun picnic bench! we spent some quality time at the house so addy and her "cali granny" could play with each other.

when alyson and ruston got back from their lunch date on the lake, we did some swimming in addy's kiddie pool. ruston was not a fan, but i think the adults were to blame. ;) the fountain on the pool came shooting out--so much so it made all adults in the vicinity shriek! he was not a fan of the shrieking!

we finished out the evening with a co-ed bath. not to worry, alyson and i were very clear that this was not something that would be okay for very long. :)
on to saturday--the BIG day! alyson and i finished up decorating all of the cupcakes and cakes i baked the night before.
so many people came over to see our girl and celebrate her big day. we were so humbled by all who showed up. addy had a blast playing with her friends and opening her presents. but nothing compared to the cake she got to dig into all by herself!

addy had an amazing first birthday. we were so happy to have toni, alyson, and ruston here to share the entire weekend with us.

toni--thank you for everything you did for addy and us--we LOVE you and appreciate you so much!!

alyson--i wub u!! you are the best, girl. thanks for all of your help with that cake! ;) can't wait t head down to austin!!!

there isn't a day that goes by that we don't feel so incredibly lucky for what we have been given in addy. i can't believe a year has already flown by! we are so in love. :)

wordless wednesday

Saturday, June 19, 2010

sneak peak

a longer, more detailed post is to come...but i couldn't wait!


i don't get many things right the first time
in fact, i am told that a lot.
now i know all the wrong turns,
the stumbles and falls
brought me here.
and where was i before the day
that i first saw your lovely face?
now i see it everyday, and i know...
i am the luckiest.
-ben folds

happy birthday to our sweet girl, adelynn. we love you more than words can express--you are the best thing to have happened to our life. you have our hearts...

Friday, June 18, 2010

flashback friday

one year ago tomorrow....
she graced us with her life...
my post from 1 year ago: here we go!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

looking back...

1 year ago today, our lives were about to change. crazy that a year has gone by so quickly. it was about to be "go time"!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

fun at the park

it was hot...and we were the only ones there...but we had fun! we slapped a little sunscreen on, threw a sunhat on her pretty head, and packed the water!

we tested out the new and improved wagon. thanks to dusty's handiwork--this thing can go off roading now!

Friday, June 11, 2010

flashback friday

june 2005-first time dusty took me to cali
@ yosemite

Thursday, June 10, 2010

thoughts for thursday

this logo brings a lot to mind here lately--a lot of different emotions for a lot of different people.
for me, it brings sadness.

i literally break down crying when i see these images on the news. how horrible it is for these animals to lose their home. there are so many needing help, and not enough people to help them quick enough.

there are a lot of things i don't understand:

1. why is this thing not capped yet? 52 days isn't enough?

2. i have seen numerous lay people sending in their ideas to clean up the oil. one being hay. the hay sops it up. when do these "ideas" get tested? next monday? next week?

3. bp's commercial. their ceo claims this will not need taxpayer dollars, but when bp is forced to file bankruptcy and are out of money--who will pay then? hmmm?


this summer, my family is taking our semi-annual trip to pensacola beach, florida. we are scheduled to go mid july. in the last week or so, my family has been emailing back and forth on what to do. do we cancel all together and lose a lot of money? do we put the money towards next summer? do we go anyways and stay out of the water? who knows what we will do. initially, my thoughts were somewhat selfish, i guess. i want my vacay! i want my daughter to experience the beach and the ocean!! but in the grand scheme of things, our little vacay is tiny in comparison to what is happening in our gulf...

eleven families lost loved ones 52 days ago in a tragic explosion doing their job.

what will happen to the environment? the sea life? the men and women that, up until 52 days ago, made a living in the gulf?

how will something this huge and catastrophic affect the world in which my daughter will grow up in? where do we go from here?

it is sad for so many reasons....more than just missing my summer vacation.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

addy's photo shoot

back in april i won an amazing gift from my school's pta--i won a photo shoot with a professional photographer, who happens to be an mpe mom! last weekend we headed out to the arboretum and snapped away.

i'll put a few up here and then post a link at the bottom of where you can see all 60 of them!

photo shoot