Sunday, June 30, 2013

Grandma & PopPop's Visit!

We had been looking forward to it since the parents' trip out here.  It seemed like they would never get here!  Once they did, it felt like they were here and gone in the blink of an eye.  We had so much fun with much so, they already booked their next trip back before they even left last week!  Four more months!!

Addy was super excited the day they got here.  (Most of y'all probably saw the daily countdown on Facebook!)  Honestly, we spent most the week just hanging out at the house spending time together.  Addy and Grandma baked cookies...which were so yummy that when we ran out, Dusty volunteered to make more!  The guys and Addy went fishing, drove up the hill so my Dad could take some pictures.  We went out to eat a couple of times, but mainly just laid low.  It was so nice.  We celebrated Father's Day, Addy's 4th birthday, and Lila's first smile!  

Just hanging out...

Cookie Time!
The FIRST "real" smile!!!

The ladies...

For Father's Day, we watched NASCAR and went out to dinner.  (Quite the perfect day for my hubby!)

For Addy's actual birthday, we went to the Fresno Zoo.  Addy has only been to the zoo (Dallas) once when she was 2...and she had no recollection.  Lol.  She was OVER THE TOP excited!!!  We really lucked out with the weather too....stayed in the 80s all day!

Feeding the giraffes with PopPop
Feeding the stingrays
Mom playing with Dad's

Addy had a blast at her birthday party.  Her sweet little friends all came to celebrate with her!  She, of course, was spoiled with presents, cupcakes, and princess decor!  

We truly did have a great time while they were here and it seemed like it was over before we knew it.  The day they left was so Mom and I were both sobbing most of the day leading up to their departure.  Lol.  The goodbyes never get any easier.  I never ever thought I would live this far from home.  I've had people say to me from time to time, "I don't know how you do so far from everything you've ever known."  I just do.  I'm still homesick.  I still miss my family like crazy.  And I still have days where I wish I were in Texas.  But this is where I am supposed to be right now; I believe that in my gut.  The thing is that no matter where we live, Texas or California, one of us will always be sacrificing something.  Marriage is a compromise, right?!  We certainly didn't plan to be where we are now, nor could we have predicted it.  Our path led us here...who knows where it will lead in the future.  I'm just happy I have the amazing support and love of my mom and dad...don't know where I'd be without it.  They will probably never tell me how hard it is for them that we are so far away, but I can imagine.  The thought of either of my girls growing up and being more than a few minutes drive away rips my heart out.  I am so lucky.  They are THE best parents.  I really did win the lottery.

Until next time...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Catching Up

Hello, hello!  I haven't posted anything since Lila was just 4 days old...she's now almost 4 WEEKS old!  I guess you could say that things in the Dominie world have gotten a little busier!  

Let me do a little picture updating:
1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

She is quite different than her big sissy was.  She hates pacifiers.  She hates to be swaddled.  She hates being stationary.  What does she love?  Cuddles.  Kisses.  Eating.  Car rides.  Her big sissy.

It is really so special watching these two together.  Addy has really taken to her and the whole big sis thing.  She loves to help me with her when she gets fussy.  She wants to rock her, she will shush her and talk to her so sweetly telling her everything is okay.  And what's even better is that Lila definitely calms down when she hears her sissy's voice.  These two are going to be a tight little unit, I can already tell.  

Dusty and I are doing well.  He's busy with work, but always tries to help me out and give me a break when he is home.  There have been some tough fussy fits that seem like they will never end and there have definitely been some rough nights.  I am missing having my family around even more now that I've had her...I can't even talk about it without getting emotional!  However, my mom and dad will be here in 9 days!!!!!  I cannot wait!  And Addy turns FOUR in 13 days!  I can't even handle that.  Lol.


I am in love with my little family of four!  I have asked myself a couple of different times, "why did we wait so long?"!