Friday, November 30, 2012

Long time, no see!

Oh man….has it really been almost six months since my last post?  Woops!  Let me try and update a little here. 
Halloween 2012:
Miss Addy Mae was the most beautiful princess I’ve ever seen.  She wanted to be Cinderella and we came pretty close, I think!  She is usually such a tomboy and this day, she was all girl.  She was very concerned with her dress and picking it up as she walked as to not step on it or get it dirty.  Addy got to attend her Fall Festival at school where she got to ride horses, play games, and see all of her school friends and teachers.  On Halloween, we took her trick or treating with our group of friends; she loved it!  She was definitely way more into it this year than last!
Thanksgiving 2012:
This year, my cousin Ryan got to come visit us!!  Sean was supposed to, but couldn’t at the last minute due to work.  I guess they keep ‘em pretty busy in the Marines.  ;-)  The day before Thanksgiving we took Ryan up the hill all the way to Ponderosa, one of the highest points you can drive to in California.  He loved it!  And we had beautiful weather!!  There was just enough snow in Ponderosa for us to get out and play in it.  Addy was super happy…up until she realized that throwing snowballs will make your hands icy cold.  Lol.  On Thanksgiving, Toni came up to the house and we cooked all day long.  It was a yummy feast!  Way more food than any of us really needed or could eat! 
And I’m pretty sure most of yall know our news.  Baby D2 will be debuting at the end of May!  I’m in my second trimester and am starting to feel a little better, still not 100%.  Everyone keeps asking, “Do you know what you’re having?”  And to answer that, we won’t know (if we find out) until after the holidays when I’m around 20 weeks.  We are all pretty excited and Addy is starting to really get it.  She actually told me, “Mommy, you’re tummy is getting bigger!”
I promise I'll try and update more frequently!!!