Monday, July 15, 2013

Under the stars!

What a fun weekend we had!  Our mini vacay to the mountains was one of those spur of the moment, last minute trips that turned out to be way more fun than anything we could have planned!  Since Dusty's fishing trip fell through, we decided to head up to Balch Park with Chuck and "the other Dusty" and their families.  We scored an RV from a friend at the last minute too.  (The only way you would have caught me sleeping up there with Lila was going to be in an RV!)  Addy was so excited...and so was Duke!

 We got up there late afternoon on Friday and set up camp.  The kids wasted no time getting dirty.  Addy's name this weekend became "the dirty one".  It was clear she wasn't afraid of the dirt because it was ALWAYS all over her...even if I had just wiped her down.  I gave up on keeping her face clean about 2 hours into the trip.  Lol.  Our good friends, the Yorbas, came up Friday evening to roast some marshmallows and let the girls play.  (One of the pluses about living here is that we are only a 45 min drive to the campsite at 7000 ft elevation, so it makes it very easy to drive up and hang out for the evening/ afternoon.)

We fished on Saturday.  The ponds were all super crowded so we didn't catch much, but it sure was peaceful.  The kids, once again, had a blast at the pond.

Lila was a trooper the entire trip; like she was born to camp!  She was so go with the flow the whole time.

The trip turned a little "Griswald" on the way home though!  About 20 minutes into our already slow drive down the hill, a Tahoe coming the other direction took a corner too fast and pinched us against the mountain popping one of the trailer's tires and damaging the rim.  Of course, the spare was not with us.  Oops!  To make matters worse, the cell service is spotty at best.  After calling friends to see if they could come up with a spare and attempting to use Dusty's truck's spare instead, Dusty decided to try the trip down with only three trailer tires.  It worked!  We crawled down the hill and finally made it home 3 hours after we left the campsite!

We definately had a great time and are so glad to have had the RV.  Dusty was so happy to be up there for his birthday where the biggest worry was what kind of beer should he drink!  Duke also was a trooper.  He hasn't moved off the couch since we got back last night.  Poor guy is getting old.  It was a great time and really felt like a little vacation.  We can't wait to do it again!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Two Months.

As of last Friday, Lila is 2 months old!  Time is flying by!!

She weighs 12lbs 12oz.

She's 23in long.

She is still on the boob and is a great eater. Dusty successfully gave her her very first bottle last night with Addy's help! Now I feel confident in going out for an evening and sending her to daycare. 

She smiles like crazy.

And her and her big sissy are IN LOVE with each other!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th!!

Our 4th of July celebrating was spread over two days this year.  On the actual 4th, Dusty had to work, so the girls and I (don't forget Duke!) started the day off with cuddles and cartoons!

We spent the evening just layin' low at the house and enjoying the AC in this record heat wave! We had chili dogs, rotel dip, and cookies to celebrate.  And our firework watching was done on the tv. With as much as Dusty has been working and how hot it has been, he wasn't interested in doing much else!

The next day started with Addy's last swim lesson of the summer!  It was fun day and our girl braved the giant slide!

Once Dusty got home from work we headed to a 4th of July party at our friends' house where there was good food, fun, and swimming!! Eight adults, eight GIRLS under the age of 6, and lots of laughter!  

So much fun!!