Thursday, May 28, 2009

The kitchen is finished! Yippee!!

I'm a little late getting these up, but Dusty finished the kitchen up on Sunday. It looks amazing! It doesn't even feel like my house anymore when I walk in there.

For those of you who need a reminder of where we came from on this project, here ya go!

And here are some photos of my B-E-Autiful new and improved kitchen!!

I absolutely LOVE it! I think he did a great job--who knew I married Bob Vila-only way more handsome! ;)

Now I must gripe for 2 seconds...tomorrow is field day. Ugh. Normally, I don't mind it so much, it can actually be fun. However, I am almost 37 weeks pregnant at this point; there are very very few things that are even remotely fun anymore. Sitting in my chair with my feet up, tv on, and a glass of water is the epitome of a great time for me. Add a foot rub and I'm in heaven. So what to do tomorrow? I can barely walk from my classroom to the office without needing a sitdown break halfway there. My feet are the size of hams--not cute--and now my ankles are playing catch up. Never in my life did I think I would ever have cankles. My hands are also swollen, now I'm just waiting on my face to balloon up. Thankfully, I have nice people that I work with who have offered to do all the "heavy lifting" tomorrow, so maybe I'll get to spend the day in my room. I'm not trying to have a baby at field day...wonder how many sportsmanship points I'd get for that?! ;)

All in all, we cannot wait to meet this girl!!! Its the most excited I have ever been! We're just hoping for sooner rather than later!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Tomorrow, May 24th, is the one year anniversary of my uncle Calvin's death. A year ago tomorrow, he went out for a relaxing joy ride on his motorcycle and never made it back home. We miss him so much, can hardly believe a year has gone by. Through his death, Calvin has been able to help every single one of us in this family out in some way--big or small. Not a day goes by that we don't feel tremendously grateful for the things he has been able to do for us. I know he is up there, probably a little aggravated at the thought of any of us being sad this weekend--he'd tell us to cut it out. Knowing him, he would want all of us to open up a cold one and think of all the great memories we got to create with him.

I miss him so much; there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him.

Love you, Calvin!!!

More from the Dominie kitchen...

We are getting close...close to a lot of things actually! Close to the kitchen being complete-possibly a couple of days, close to school being out--2 weeks, and close to the arrival of our little one--4 weeks. I think its safe to say that we have quite a full plate of things going on. :)

We now have countertops in and the beginnings of our backsplash. The backsplash actually looks like it could be complete in the pictures, but he still has to grout it tonite. Once he finishes that up, he'll have to touch up all the paint on the cabinets and then he will be finished!!

Enjoy the pictures...isn't my husband a ROCKSTAR!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kitchen Update!

Progress is being made in the kitchen! Yippeee! We now have floors! The cabinets are pretty much completed as well. We painted them a cream color and put a teastain glaze on it to antique it up. Dusty can't hang the doors yet because we still have to buy all the hardware, including the hinges. And...we got our countertops ordered! We should have those in a few weeks. Can you tell I'm excited?! Its already a world of difference in there....LOVE it! Man, my husband is good!! ;)

This is our hood over the stovetop...can you see the glaze?

Excuse the mess in the kitchen--we are remodeling!

And I had to add one of Duke! He is just too cute!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby news and kitchen!

So everything looks great! We went and had our sonogram Tuesday to find out why I am measuring big and its simply because we have got a BIG baby in there! At 33 weeks and 2 days she is measuring 5.7 pounds! The dr said that if she continues on this pattern that she will be a little over 9 pounds by due date. Ouch! I'm just so happy that everything is okay and healthy.

The school threw me my baby shower Thursday. It was great! We were given the play yard that goes with our stroller and high chair. It is so nice! Dusty put it all together that nite and its nice enough that I wouldn't mind climbing in there! My school is so generous. They gave me that, a newborn essentials kit, and a $50 gift card. I couldn't get over how much we received--love the generosity of MPE!

The kitchen is coming along nicely...yay! Dusty finished the two coats of primer and we are ready for paint. He'll being that tonite. Then comes the countertops, then comes the floors! I'm so excited!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kitchen Remodeling!

To make a long story short, about a month ago we had to buy a new dishwasher.

Its awesome and pretty and new! Problem is, I've never gotten to use it. When we pulled the old broken one out, we discovered an even bigger problem. Mold. Yuck. (There are no pics of that part--slightly gross and embarrassing!) Upon further investigation we discovered that there was a tiny slow dripping leak under our sink...literally drip, drip, drip....who knows how long it had been leaking. What was discovered was B-A-D. Mold under the sink, the board between the dishwasher and sink was buckled from water and covered in mold..the mold had gotten so bad that it was now in the sheetrock. Ugh.

So we made our call to State Farm to file our first claim as homeowners. Times like these makes renting sound appealing. ;) We had an adjustor come out and wrote an estimate. We got the nice BIG check last week and the remodel has begun! I won't say how much they gave us, but its enough to fix the problem, paint the cabinets, change hardware, new countertops and backsplash, and new flooring! Yippee!! Could I be anymore excited!! I love our house, but the kitchen left a lot to be desired. I don't care who you are, salmon colored counters with matching backsplash is never pretty. Dusty is doing all the construction himself--I'm married to the king of all handymen! Here are a few pics of what has begun. So far, he has been able to fix the mold and all that came with that!

Could we have timed this any more perfectly with the baby on the way! On that note, we are in need of prayer and good thoughts. The last two appts I have had, my dr said my uterus was measuring too large. And like the freak I am, I googled it. I didn't like part of what I saw. It could be a slew of things from the baby just being big, my body carrying her funny, having too large of a placenta, all the way to it being because of "fetal abnormalities". Scary. I'm almost certain everything is fine. She has been a bigger than average baby from the beginning, we have had 3 or 4 sonograms and everything looked perfect, plus all the tests they have run have come back normal. I'm just crazy right? We go Tuesday for another sonogram to make sure everything is fine. Please pray that I can stay sane the next few days leading up to the appt. Thanks bunches!!