Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

What a fun day! The day began with Easter service with my parents at St. Joseph's. Addy ended up serving as entertainment for those around us with her singing. My mom has an AMAZING voice and sings in the choir...I always wished I could sing half as good as her. Maybe the singing chops skipped me and went straght to Addy. :) Enjoy our little songbird.

We went to brunch at Blue Mesa afterwards...yummy!! We almost had to be rolled out of the restaurant because we ate so much. We headed home and put the girl down for a nap so the Easter Bunny could come visit. She awoke to a basket full of goodies and Easter egg hunt awaiting her in the backyard.

Happy Easter, everyone!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fun, fun, fun!

Yesterday was a busy day for our girl, one big birthday party and dinner with friends afterwards.  Addy's friend, Sophie, had a birthday party yesterday--she turned 2!  Minnie Mouse themed, bounce house havin', cake and ice cream eatin' kind of party.  She had a blast.  All of her friends from daycare were there too--so much fun to watch her play with them.

After the party, Addy and I rushed home to get Dusty and head to our friends' house--The Clarkes.  I met Rachel through school--she is a fellow teacher in our district...or was. ;)  Read their story here.  She is also heavily involved with HEROES camp.  Addy finally got to meet Isaiah--their 10 month old linebacker. :)  We had such a good time...they cooked a really yummy dinner for us and we brought really yummy beer to go with it!   
Our girl hung in there for her mommy and daddy and played hard until 10!  Once she hit that wall, it was time for us to go.  We weren't even in the car more than a minute and she was in dreamland.
  What a fun day!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's a zoo out there!

Guess what we did today?  We went to the zoo!  Addy was thrilled to find out we were riding the "train" aka DartRail out there.

Daddy wasn't such a fan of the train...

Penguins were first...

We headed to the Giants of the Safari exhibit next...and we ended up spending most of our time there. It is just so cool. :)

The elephant was up first...

Addy was convinced it was "Horton" from her very favorite Dr. Seuss book. She was enamored.

Next up were the giraffes....

Daddy and his girl had a special moment when they got to feed the giraffes. Is it silly to say I actually teared up a tiny bit when I was watching them? They just both looked SO happy. I was overjoyed. :)

We headed to the gorillas next. They were all hiding out, but we found some statues that Addy was pleased with.

We headed to the reptile house pictures...probably because I don't like snakes.  Have to tell the funny story of the day though.  We went to the cage where the King Cobra was.  Of course, as we walk up to the cage, the docile reptile became not so docile and began slithering toward Addy.  Her daddy and I were grossed out to say the least, but our girl was not.  She got her finger up and started pointing at that King Cobra saying "NO"..."NO"..."NO".  She did not want that snake moving towards her.  She definately got some laughs!

We left the zoo with one tired girl and two tired parents...but it was so worth it. She had a blast and so did we. (It was so nice to experience the zoo outside of a field trip with my class...I could actually relax a bit and see the animals! Who knew?!)

Best part of the day...she made a new "friend"....

Friday, April 8, 2011

Random happy's...

Some random things that have made me happy this week...

* We got out of school early on Monday due to the power nice to have an unexpected window of free time.

*We are taking Addy to the zoo tomorrow.  This will be her first trip and we are SO excited to see her reaction!  She is loving all things animal these days.

*I got called a "MILF" while out walking with Addy and Duke!  (For those of you that don't know what it means, google it bc I'm not saying!)  My reaction was a combination of offended and flattered...but hey, at least I still got it! ;)

*The Rangers.  Nuff said.

*Addy's vocabulary.  In the past few weeks, it has really exploded to about 50 words.  Her latest favorite is "no".  Lawdy!  She knows how to use it too!!  Although it can be SO frustrating to Dusty and me, I love that this girl is becoming her own little person and knows what she wants and doesn't want. :)

*We finished the 5th six weeks at school this week...6 weeks left!! Woo hoo!!!

*Just got word that my good friend's 18 month old son just made it out of brain surgery successfully.  God is good. :)

*The hubs. :-)  Makes me happy on a daily basis.