Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The painting is finished!!

Check it out! After two days of hard word from Dusty, the painting is complete! Take a look!

We still have a few little things to do and quite a few things to purchase before we can call it finished. I think it looks amazing. Did I not tell you that my husband is brilliantly talented?!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jumpin' Remote!

Our little one has been making her presence known more and more every day. Just in the last couple of weeks, I feel her on and off throughout the day. She is a little kickboxer!
So today, I'm sitting here on my Spring Break watching a little tv when I feel her get really going. I swear she was doing either tae-bo or gymnastics or maybe a combo of both. I set the remote for the tv on my belly to see if it would jump, and sure enough, the remote starts wiggling. It was crazy! I tried to capture it on video, she wasn't as active when I finally got the camera out, but you'll be able to see it a bit. What I really wish I had was a video of Dusty's face when he witnessed the jumping remote!! Hilarious!!!

Here comes the nursery!

Yesterday we made what has become our weekly trip to Home Depot to buy the paint for baby girl's room. We ended up going with one of their Disney colors called Pooh's Favorite Things. Super cute paint. Its a light blue with a hint of teal going on--goes with her bedding perfectly. I have been stumped for weeks now as to what color I was going to end up going with, and up until Home Depot yesterday, Dusty and I couldn't agree completely on any of them!
So we got our paint and came home to begin the painting. I am normally the one who LOVES to paint..I like doing all the little details, the trim, the crown molding, baseboards, and doors. For some reason or another, call it this big belly I'm carrying, I just couldn't manage to be much help. So all the hard work was done by my wonderful Dusty! He is actually finishing up the last coat as we speak, but we aren't done yet. (For those of you who don't know, my husband is a very talented artist. He has done a lot of little things on the side for friends and family.) The plan is to paint harlequin diamonds on one of the walls in white. Should be very cool. Here are some pictures of the progress made so far:

after only one coat

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby's Newest Photo

We went to the doctor on Friday for another sonogram--this one made sonogram number 3! As of Friday I was 24 week and 5 days. She continues to look perfect--beautiful as ever. What was so neat about this one was that when we saw her move on the monitor, I was feeling it at the same time...super cool! At one point she rolled over to face the "camera" and began making a few faces--already hamming it up! I'm not sure if she gets that from me or her dad, we both have our moments. Don't ask me how, but they could measure her weight in there--1lb and 14 oz...almost 2 pounds already.
Here is her profile:

We were able to score a dvd of the whole thing and I'm thinking I may post that later for the tiny few of you who may be interested! However, the dvd is in California with Dusty right now. He left Friday evening and doesn't come home until Friday of this week. :( He is there for training for his job. His brother works for the same company, so his brother has taken time this week to train his little bro. An added plus to the trip is that he gets to see his family and friends. While I'm happy for him, I miss him terribly bad. I think the whole being 6 months pregnant thing adds a whole new dimension to his being gone. The stakes are definately higher! Its a little sad to be here alone when baby girl starts her tae-bo kicks in my tummy and he isn't sitting next to me to feel them. I'm counting down the day to when I can see him and hug his neck!

Monday, March 2, 2009

24 weeks!

Here we are at 24 weeks!! As my great Aunt Lou said, I'm in full bloom!