Monday, March 26, 2012

Green Thumb

I've been dying to find a little hobby that I can call my own for the longest time.  I just want something I can do that is fun, cheap, and "my thing".  Gardening had been nagging at me for awhile and so I decided that I would try my luck (or green thumb) at it while I was out for Spring Break.  Yesterday, we went to Lowe's and stocked up on some things for me to get planted this week; flowers, pots, seeds, potting soil, gloves etc.  Today I got started on all of the flowers and herbs--it was time for some color around our house!

I had so much fun with all of it.  I'm hoping to plant an actual garden before the week ends.  Going to try my luck with spinach, cabbage, squash, chili peppers, jalepenos, and cilantro.  Hopefully, I have as much fun with that as I did with this!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Off Roading!

Ok...I don't think I've ever had as much fun in a vehicle than I did last Saturday off roading with my family!  Who knew something like that could be so awesome?!  We took the top off the jeep, which we have named "Black Betty" or "Betty" for short. :)  We headed up in the hills to Blue Ridge and found a couple of small trails...even found some snow.  That was Addy's job--locate the snow!  Pretty sure she said, "Where's the snow?" about 894 times.  We then went back down the hill to find another gnarly trail, Jack Flat Trail.  I got to drive on this one and I LOVED it!  So much fun.  We definately found a new hobby and are looking forward to many more adventures!

Friday, March 9, 2012


Well hello, blog world, its been while.  Since my last post, there have been a few "happenings" around these parts. 

First off, I'm proud say that we have a potty trained little girl living under our roof!! Yippeee!!  For the past three weeks, Miss Addy has been in "big girl panties".  I decided one Saturday morning a few weeks back that she was going to put some panties on and no diaper.  We were going to be home and it was a long weekend so I thought what better time to try?  She ate it up!  Granted, we had been working towards this moment for quite some time to little the point that I was thinking, "Is this ever going to happen?". Lol.  Our girl was not only ready, but so proud to be a "big girl"!  With the new panties (...and let me tell ya, there are a lot...Dora the Explorere, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses, Disney Fairies...laawwwdy...) came a newfound "Miss Independent" stubborn streak.  There have been a few more timeouts happening at school and home.  We are working through it though--doing our best to say consistent.  She is much more of a decisive person than I am--no doubt about it, she knows what she wants.  End of story. 

Next change is our new car...last weekend we turned in our Rav4 for a Jeep Rubicon 4 door 4x4.  Its pretty cool.  Dusty and I have actually been dreaming and talking about this car for a couple years now.  It feels like us.  It fits us.  Some of y'all may remember my FJ Cruiser years ago...when I had to give that up when mommyhood entered the picture, I was inconsolable.  Well this Jeep puts the smile right back on my face.  We are taking it out on some trails this weekend...hopefully they are open, been a lot of snow up in the hills lately. 

Finally, we bought our tickets to come home this summer!!!!!!!! Addy and I will be heading back to TEXAS on June 21st...Dusty will be heading out July 1st.  Addy and I get to stay much longer--until July 25th--but due to work, Dusty will only be there a week.  Little time is better than no time, right?! I cannot wait to kiss that Texas soil.  I cannot wait to hug my family.  I cannot wait to be with my HEROES family.  I cannot wait for some brisket and Shiner Bock beer.  I cannot wait to see those big Texas blue skies.  I cannot wait!! 103 days!