Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sick...and more sick

So I'm about 9 1/2 weeks pregnant at this point and I'm ready for the sickness part of pregnancy to take a vacation. Less than 3 weeks and I'll be in my 2nd trimester..hopefully I'm one of the lucky ones whose sickness ends with the 1st trimester. Fortunately I'm not throwing up every morning but I have had my share. My biggest issues are the queazy stomach and food aversions. I can barely go into my kitchen and especially the fridge because the smells of all the foods is too much. I'm getting sick just thinking about it. Oh and lets not forget I work in an elementary school--funky smells are common place, especially in the fabulous cafeteria. Its like Russian Roulet every day I walk in there...can I make it in and out while keeping it all in the tummy? Going to the grocery store used to be therapeutic to me...but now I can barely make it. I actually dread it--too many funk smells. What really bites is that it takes me such a long time to figure out what I want to eat; then I get it and feel like crap after I'm done. See one of the things they don't tell you about pregnancy is that your intestines slow down to help absorb more nutrients for the growing baby. This means food just sits in the belly--its the sickest feeling in the world. Ugh. I feel like poo as we speak.

Its too early for me to be showing, but I'm so bloated, I just look like I have some chub going on--no fair. I want to wear maternity clothes already! And I've just begun developing the pregnancy glow--no, its not what you think...its actually not so grand. Breakouts. Like I'm 16 all over again. Geez! And could I be anymore exhausted?! I come home from work and I am done. No exercising, no cooking, nothing. My poor husband. He is great though...very understanding..patient...very patient. :) Love him to pieces!

All in all, sickness does suck...but I try not to complain despite what you just read. I didn't feel this way last time and we weren't so lucky. So this must mean all is well! Its all about the end result anyways...its all worth it!


Michael, Jodi, and Brady said...

Don't forget about the heartburn! I had the worst heartburn ever when I was pregnant. The good news is that this will all be a distant memory when you get to meet your little one :-)

The May Family said...

Yucky... no fun at all! A couple tricks I learned which I am sure that you are already doing...

Eat lots of Mini Meals. Eat some saltines before your feet hit the ground out of bed. I am told Ginger can be a life saver (I like ginger snaps best). Fibercon can also be a life saver and is completley safe for baby... Also, nothing like some good ole juice to help move things along.

I WAS SO SLEEPY by the middle of the day... and I had a half to go... I will tell you that trimester two can be HEAVENLY. All the sudden you feel like you have all the energy in the world...hopefully.

Sending good thoughts to you and baby!