Monday, January 19, 2009

18 Weeks!

Me and the baby at 18 weeks:

Does it look as big as it feels?? I feel like its getting bigger every single day. Its very bizarre to watch yourself grow like this, but very cool. We went to the doc last week for our monthly checkup and everything continues to look great. We go this Friday to figure out if we've got a little lady or a little dude growing in there!! We can't wait!!!! We feel like its going to be a girl...wouldn't that be cool if we were right...maybe that maternal instinct is kicking in! And we will be heading straight to Babies R Us to start picking out stuff! I'm supposed to start feeling little "flutters" from the baby any day now...looking forward to that. Its all very exciting!


The May Family said...

Wow... you sure did get to 18 weeks fast!! That is so exciting about Friday! Please try to post when you can because we would love to hear the great news!!! Can you believe that you are already almost half way done?

Michael, Jodi, and Brady said...

Darn it!! I was hoping you had posted if you were having a boy or a girl. I'm dying over here...spill it!!!!