Sunday, November 1, 2009

her 1st Halloween!

we had one fun week celebrating addy's first ever halloween! her holiday began earlier in the week--we had a halloween outfit for her to wear each day this week starting on tuesday. enjoy!
tuesday: "daddy is under my spell"

wednesday: "peek-a-boo"

thursday: "my 1st halloween"

friday: she was my little pumpkin!
yesterday was her first actual halloween. we ran some saturday the oil changed, went out to lunch etc. we decided instead of trick or treating through the neighborhood, we would take the 55 Chevy to the car show down the street in sachse. it was their "trunk or treat" car show. kids walked around to the different cars and got their fill of halloween candy while looking at some sweet cars! i have to say we were a hit...addy dressed as a cow with the 55 Chevy--everyone stopped by to say hi!

here is addy's outfit/ pj's/ costume:
here we are at the show:

addy did great...she was up way past her bedtime and ended up sleeping a good portion of the show:

i think she had a good 1st halloween. i know we enjoyed it!


Jodi said...

Halloween is so much for fun with a kid, isn't it?!? I love that Addie had a different Halloween outfit for each day of the week :-)And she looks adorable in all of them!

The Glass Family said...

When/where did yall get that car?!? I love all her outfits. :) Did yall add stuff to her wall? One of the pics looked like there were butterflies by her name...if so, I'm going to need you to take some more pics of the updated nursery! :)