Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ten on tuesday

10 randoms for this october evening...

1. we are watching the rangers right now--hoping that they can pull off their first ever post season series victory. how exciting!

2. what is wrong with my cowboys? is it just me or do they play like a bunch of overpaid heartless wimps? where is the passion to play?? i miss troy, emmitt, michael, moose, and jay. :(

3. i LOVE our new floors in the living room. laminate is the way to go! so clean feeling. my hubby rocks!

4. addy is digging the disney channel all of a sudden. mickey mouse clubhouse and phineus and ferb are the faves around here...oh and don't forget about handy manny. when we get home most evenings, she wants to sit in my lap and watch mickey mouse--love it. she needs her "down-time" too. :)

5. i have been on weight watchers for about 8 weeks now...16 lbs lost! still a ways to go though--my plan is to get back to the shape i was in for our wedding 3 years ago. halfway there!

6. we want to paint our living room--suggesstions? its white, white, and white. we have chocolate brown furniture and natural wood rustic tables/ entertainment center. thoughts??

7. addy is becoming more independent everyday. she knows quite a bit of sign-more, please, eat, thank you, help- and babbles all the time. still stuck on "bubba", "dada", and "mama". she can now get into her booster seat for meal time all by herself. such a big girl--can't believe it sometimes!

8. i am loving my fall shows! parenthood, brothers and sisters, dwts, flipping out, grey's, the office--love em all! our dvr is so full.

9. the dryer just buzzed--i don't want to get up and take care of it.

10. top of the 4th--tied ballgame--stressed husband. i think i'll eat my ice cream now. :)

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