Monday, January 3, 2011

Top Ten of Christmas Break 2010!

Christmas break is coming to a close...booo.  ;-)  We have had an amazing break...I loved all of this time I got to spend with my girl.  Dusty got some extra time off from his job so we were able to enjoy some extra quality family time as well.

Top Ten:

1. Quality time with Dr. Seuss's finest elephant, Horton.

2. Northpark trips with the Smo's.

3. Time spent with Daddy.

4. Romps through the field.

5. Strolls in our new stroller.

6. Loot from the man whom I adore.
7. Time with Nana.
8.Getting to be Santa.

9.Fancy drinks and funny hats on NYE.
10.Photo opps with my girl.

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