Thursday, June 6, 2013

Catching Up

Hello, hello!  I haven't posted anything since Lila was just 4 days old...she's now almost 4 WEEKS old!  I guess you could say that things in the Dominie world have gotten a little busier!  

Let me do a little picture updating:
1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

She is quite different than her big sissy was.  She hates pacifiers.  She hates to be swaddled.  She hates being stationary.  What does she love?  Cuddles.  Kisses.  Eating.  Car rides.  Her big sissy.

It is really so special watching these two together.  Addy has really taken to her and the whole big sis thing.  She loves to help me with her when she gets fussy.  She wants to rock her, she will shush her and talk to her so sweetly telling her everything is okay.  And what's even better is that Lila definitely calms down when she hears her sissy's voice.  These two are going to be a tight little unit, I can already tell.  

Dusty and I are doing well.  He's busy with work, but always tries to help me out and give me a break when he is home.  There have been some tough fussy fits that seem like they will never end and there have definitely been some rough nights.  I am missing having my family around even more now that I've had her...I can't even talk about it without getting emotional!  However, my mom and dad will be here in 9 days!!!!!  I cannot wait!  And Addy turns FOUR in 13 days!  I can't even handle that.  Lol.


I am in love with my little family of four!  I have asked myself a couple of different times, "why did we wait so long?"!

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