Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th!!

Our 4th of July celebrating was spread over two days this year.  On the actual 4th, Dusty had to work, so the girls and I (don't forget Duke!) started the day off with cuddles and cartoons!

We spent the evening just layin' low at the house and enjoying the AC in this record heat wave! We had chili dogs, rotel dip, and cookies to celebrate.  And our firework watching was done on the tv. With as much as Dusty has been working and how hot it has been, he wasn't interested in doing much else!

The next day started with Addy's last swim lesson of the summer!  It was fun day and our girl braved the giant slide!

Once Dusty got home from work we headed to a 4th of July party at our friends' house where there was good food, fun, and swimming!! Eight adults, eight GIRLS under the age of 6, and lots of laughter!  

So much fun!!

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