Sunday, April 6, 2014

Random happenings!

Life sure is busy these days...cannot believe we are in April already!!  Addy's coach pitch baseball season is underway with two games already played.  She is LOVING it!  Dusty was asked to help with some coaching and it has been so wonderful for me to watch those two together out there.  I've had moments where I've literally teared up...thankful for my sunglasses!  It's been good for Addy's confidence to have her Daddy out there with her too.

My cousin, Eric, happened to be in the area for work recently and so we got a nice surprise visit from him last week.  He came up for dinner and we tried to spoil him (and ourselves) with a yummy steak and shrimp dinner.  It's not everyday that family just happens to be in this part of the country! Haha!!  He was missing his babies pretty bad so Addy and Lila were eager to help him get his baby fix!  I can't express how nice it was to see him and get a little dose of "home"!

When we aren't working or at baseball games these days, we are laying low doing the homebody thing.  It's been beautiful weather up here lately which means we are spending a lot of time outside playing and going on family walks.

Down to 79 days until we head to TEXAS!!!!! Can't wait!

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