Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The kitchen is finished!!...Well at least the floor is...

In addition to our living room, we began work on our kitchen floor. Like I said, our wonderful home was built in 1984...the level of taste was not what it is today my friends. We had a beautiful floral linoleum floor. (yuck) It looked fairly was wasn't hideous...but I'm not digging the floral patters people.
Here is the beforePretty huh? ;)

Since becoming a married homeowner, I have become addicted to those house flipping shows (and let's not forget the Food Network!!). I've seen a bunch of houses doing concrete in their kitchens. I immediately loved that idea...I thought that would be a great way to do something different yet inexpensive. Then I meet my good friend, Kelley, who also happens to be one of my aides at work. (Love her!) She and her husband have the best decorated, most eclectic house ever...and their kitchen floor was also concrete. It was a sign!

So, when Dusty and I finally got serious about beginning home improvements, that was my big suggestion. I have good ideas every once in awhile. Usually, its my stud of a husband who thinks things up--he is a genius when it comes to any kind of construction/ artwork stuff. He is remarkable.

In between coats of paint, Dusty began ripping up the ever so pretty linoleum.

It came up somewhat easy at first until Dusty discovered a second layer on linoleum underneath. And that was even uglier. Thank goodness they covered that crap up--I may have passed on the house! Anyways...the whole process ended up taking Dusty 3 days start to finish. Like I said, I had the idea on this one. He was the elbow grease! Gotta love him!!!

When you do the concrete finish, you have to put some sort of concrete sealer on it. And that takes forever and a day to dry.

The floor was finally dry enough to be functionable 3 days later. We still want to paint the cabinets a lighter color and change out that pretty salmon colored countertop. But I think the floor makes a huge difference.

Stay tuned...more changes to come!!!!


Anna Hanson said...

That looks sweet! I might do that in my kitchen.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!! I love what is going on over on Tina Street.....can't wait to come over to see it. Love, Kelley

Michael, Jodi, and Brady said...

I LOVE the new kitchen floor and I'm so impressed yall are redoing things on your own!!!!