Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Alright...so its time I admit it and get real with myself. I am officially in need of losing some weight. Ugh. Not a lot...but enough to make me dislike the way my entire wardrobe looks on me. Boo. Most people would look at me and thing I am fine, but I don't agree. It all started when I got preggers back in May...I really enjoyed the excuse of getting to eat what I wanted. And then when the whole preggers thing ended, I felt a little sorry for myself and continued on that track! Oh well. What's done is done. So as of today, I'm joining Weight Watchers in the hopes I'll like my wardrobe and my reflection a little better! Wish me luck!!


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kinsey said...

i need to do that too! without truly "joining" i'm trying to count points a little and actually trying to workout. funny how i haven't done that in FOREVER! it shows!