Monday, April 20, 2009

The Baby Shower!

Saturday was the big baby was lots o fun! Kelley and my mom shared in the hosting duites. It was held at Kelley's house with her funky little style and menu. I'm pretty sure everyone LOVED it! I walked away with lots of loot for our little are a few pictures.

*Our menu*

Me and the other preggo, my bestie, Alyson

Me and my mama

Kelley's funky self and me

Our loot!

The super cute cake!

Dusty got his own very special gift!

Some of the loot on Addy's shelf

More loot

Just a glimpse at all the clothes we got for her

So much stuff!

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Michael, Jodi, and Brady said...

So fun!!! Can you believe how close you're getting?!?!?