Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up!

I saw this on a friend's now I'm stealing it!

Best part of the weekend: my baby shower!! it was oh so much fun! pictures are on the way!

Worst part of the weekend: how extremely tired I was last nite...painfully tired....I'm 31 weeks now, everything makes me tired and uncomfortable

People I saw: Dusty, Alyson, and all of my family and friends at the shower

Something I accomplihed this weekend: taking our tour of the Labor and Delivery ward at the hospital...its getting very real people! :)

Something I wish I did this weekend, but didn't get done: grocery shopping...ugh

Things I am looking forward to this week: Friday...or any time I can put my feet up...

Things I am not looking forward to this week: dreaded meetings...UGH

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