Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BIG baby!

We had our last sonogram today to check on the size of our baby girl. Average weight for a baby at this gestation (37 wks 2 days) is right around 6 pounds. Our little over achiever wieghed in at a whopping 7.12 pounds! They say that at this rate, we could be looking at a 9.25 pound baby by the time we reach June 21...maybe she'll come early because she is running out of room and I won't have to push that big of a baby out! Either way, she looked absolutely perfect...beautiful...precious...gorgeous. I could go on and on. We can't wait to meet her and squish those little fat cheeks we saw today. I'm so in love with her already...its amazing. :)


The May Family said...

Hooray! You are so almost there!!!

kinsey said...

you are SO close!! i'm very jealous ;-) and don't worry, i KNOW i will have a 9 pounder as well...at least my mom says that big babies sleep better! ha.