Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10 months...a few days late!

on monday, miss addy mae turned 10 months old! how is that even possible?!

this girl is into everything and all over the place! she still isn't walking, but i feel like we are getting close! she crawls with a vengeance and is pulling up like a champ. her cruising skills are being perfected as well. she has even started cruising one handed! just in the past week or so, she has started to stand on her own--pull up and let go of whatever she is holding onto. she manages to stay up for a few seconds!
one of her favorite things to do is play outside with her bubba, duke. i make it a point to take her out in the backyard every evening after dinner and let her crawl around with him. it is also one of my favorite things to watch! it doesn't matter how tired she is, she will find a reserve of energy somewhere and get after it!

let's see...what else. she eats just about everything plus she is still nursing. she is definitely becoming a chunky monkey! she LOVES daycare! dusty takes her in the morning and says her feet start kicking in the car seat as soon as they pull in front of the house. and apparently, i'm not such hot stuff anymore either. when i pick her up in the afternoons, she gets super excited to see me, crawls toward me, but quickly turns around to keep playing with all of her friends. we have also started to see a temper (no idea where that comes from...hehe!) emerge from our little one and she is not afraid to let us know exactly what she likes and doesn't. we are working on that. ;)

another new development is that she is becoming a daddy's girl! it is super sweet to watch her light up when dusty walks into a room. and this rough and tough motorcycle ridin' hubby of mine turns to mush when she smiles at him.
it is crazy to think that i am already working on plans for her first birthday! hard to believe she is almost 1. love this little thing so much. how did we get so lucky?!

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