Friday, April 2, 2010

close to my heart...

most of you that know me know that autism is something extremely close to my heart. i have the privelege and honor to teach children living with this spectrum disorder. cool part about it is that these children have touched my heart and taught me more than i could have ever imagined!

april is autism awareness month. today is world autism awareness day. light it up blue. :)

how am i "lighting it up blue"? well, for starters, we proudly wore our blue today--addy and me. and as soon as dusty gets home from work, he will too! ;) in addition, i created a bulletin board in the hallway of my school dedicated to raising awareness. its the fourth year in a row that i have done it and i am super proud! (i hope to add a picture of it later in the week) my goal is to make the awareness child friendly--i want the students in the building to see and read it and understand that "those kids with autism don't just belong in that special classroom in the back of the building." very successful and famous people live on the spectrum. people such as dan akroyd, steven spielberg, bill gates, and bob dylan.

won't you light it up blue?!

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