Monday, August 2, 2010


so i didn't run this morning like i had planned--it was too dark at 6am and i don't do dark alone. :) what i did do, however, was 22,700 steps on my pedometer today which translates to a little over 10 miles. 3 of those miles was at arbor hills nature preserve...and we might have been slightly crazy taking 22 of our kids out there in the 105 degree heat. BUT we had fun and i got a workout! :)

today was my first official day on ww and i did great with my points. i learned that where i have been messing up badly is when i would get home in the evenings. i would snack as i was feeding addy dinner and then lost all discipline at my own dinner time. sheesh.

i wanted to start running again, but it is SO DANG HOT! so i might be doing some shredding compliments of jillian michaels.

i'm on my way.... :)

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