Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ten on tuesday

i am stealing this idea from my good buddy, alyson! back in june, i made a list of things i wanted to get accomplished this summer. sadly this summer has come to a close...let's see how i did!

1. make some extra dough!--i did! i worked 3 weeks of my summer at heroes camp. i was terribly worried that i was making a huge mistake to give up part of my summer with my girl. i couldn't have been more wrong! while i did miss her, she had a blast at school with her friends and i had an amazing time at camp.

2. throw a fabulous birthday party for my baby!-- i think so! :) i was pretty proud of myself for even attempting the giant cupcake cake, and i know it will only get better each time. addy had a blast, got tons of presents, ate tons of cake, and was surrounded by people who love her!

3. continue my running program --not so much. it got really hot, and i was not feeling it. however, towards the end of the summer i joined weight watchers and did some shredding compliments of jillian michaels. as of friday, i have lost 8 lbs! :)

4. read-- i did and i am. i am about 30 pages away from finishing eat, pray, love. i am enjoying it so much, i think i may read it again as soon as i finish. yes, i know, 2 months to read one book is a little slow...but i'm a busy girl. ;)

5. hang out on our new deck as much as possible!-- not really. it got too dang hot! looking forward to autumn nites though...

6. do a better job of keeping my house clean --not really. what did happen though was the conversion of our spare bedroom into addy's playroom. pics to come-dusty is working on some mad creations for the walls. :)

7. cook
--i did do more...once i got going on weight watchers, i did much better. :)

8. go through our closets.-- nope. :(

9. date nites.-- nope. :( really bummed about this one. just always got too busy. we have plenty of "date nites" right here in our living room on our couch. love my hubby!

10. PENSACOLA BEACH!!-- yes indeedy!!! we had a blast! addy absolutely loved it!

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