Monday, December 20, 2010


Yesterday marked Addy's 18 month birthday...that sounds SO old. I'm still not used to saying that I have a toddler and not an infant. Will I ever get used to that? These last 18 months have been amazing. What was life before this little human took it over? She is as busy as ever...running, jumping, playing--she has endless amounts of energy! She 'talks' all the time. However, we still don't understand most of it...she sure does though. ;) Words she can say: Mama, Dada, Eli (friend from school), Claire (another little friend from school), yes, bye-bye, hi, chicken, juice. Now whether she will say these words when asked is a whole other story!
We are heading in the direction of toilet training. ACK! We bought a little 'poddy' for her--that she picked out--just to keep in her bathroom just to get her used to the idea of having her own. She was not a fan when we put the 'poddy' in her bathroom--she tried to move it out! I'm not beginning any rigorous schedule by any means--just want to introduce the idea to her.
She is also really starting to test her boundaries. She likes to do things her way and when she is told 'no', her response is less than desireable...(don't know where she gets that from.) She full of 'tude...'Addy-tude' as we call it around here. :) She does test our patience, but the personality that exudes out of this tiny person amazes me. We catch ourselves just watching her because she really is that entertaining.

Christmas is just around the corner and I can't wait to experience it through Addy's eyes this year!

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