Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fun, fun, fun!

Yesterday was a busy day for our girl, one big birthday party and dinner with friends afterwards.  Addy's friend, Sophie, had a birthday party yesterday--she turned 2!  Minnie Mouse themed, bounce house havin', cake and ice cream eatin' kind of party.  She had a blast.  All of her friends from daycare were there too--so much fun to watch her play with them.

After the party, Addy and I rushed home to get Dusty and head to our friends' house--The Clarkes.  I met Rachel through school--she is a fellow teacher in our district...or was. ;)  Read their story here.  She is also heavily involved with HEROES camp.  Addy finally got to meet Isaiah--their 10 month old linebacker. :)  We had such a good time...they cooked a really yummy dinner for us and we brought really yummy beer to go with it!   
Our girl hung in there for her mommy and daddy and played hard until 10!  Once she hit that wall, it was time for us to go.  We weren't even in the car more than a minute and she was in dreamland.
  What a fun day!

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