Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update! And "Month of Thanks"

Well, hello blogging world, it has been awhile!  How is everyone? Things are going fabulously here in California!  We are slowly, but surely getting settled and acclimated. (Although, I’m still on Texas time and am reminded every night about 8:00 when I think to myself, “It’s only 8? Crap!”)

Addy continues to thrive at her preschool.  It was a huge adjustment not just for her, but for Dusty and I too.  We were spoiled at Ms. Rachael’s back in Sachse!  Addy was one of only about 10 kids with 2-3 teachers.  She got lots of attention and LOVE.  Here at her new school, it’s not so small.  She is in a normal size class—I think about 20 kids her age with 3-4 teachers. And it is much more like a school setting, which the teacher in me loves because that will get her that much more ready for Kindergarten in a few years.  (Yikes!) She is potty training…some days are better than others.  M&M’s are our gold to get her to sit on the potty!  Some days she wants nothing to do with it, though.  We do our best to keep it routine and consistent, but she is really good at testing that. J  Any suggestions out there?!  She talks like CRAZY! Oh my word.  She never stops.  Full on conversations with this girl and we LOVE it.  She keeps us entertained and on our toes all the time.  She had a great Halloween and dressed up as Minnie Mouse.  We took her to a Trunk or Treat at one of the churches down in Porterville where she got to meet “Cinderella”.  Oh my word was this girl star struck.  She was still talking about it this morning. LOL.

Dusty and I are doing well also.  I’m getting the hang of my job more and more and really am enjoying it…most days. J  I am serving a completely different population of kids than I used to, but I love it.  I do miss my days in DP though and can’t wait to go home in the summer to work at HEROES!!  I think I’ll be home with Addy for at least a few weeks and Dusty will be there for part of it depending on his work schedule.  Can’t wait!

We are in love with our house and the beautiful country in which we get to live now.  We are lucky. We are blessed beyond measure.  It doesn’t matter what stress our day might have caused us, as soon as we turn onto our little road, it melts away.  It is simply breathtaking where we are.  As much as I love it, I’m still struggling with being homesick.  I just miss so much about Texas.  No place like it.  I miss my family.  No one like them.  And I miss my friends.  They are the best.  With all of that being said, we are happy.  I am happy.

Speaking of happy…my parents are coming to visit on Friday!! I couldn’t be more excited!!!!!!  I will post about that next week!

In honor of November and the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving, I’m going to start my “Month of Thanks” a day late.  Today, I am thankful for the beautiful land we get to look at every single day.

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