Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm baaaaack!

Hello world!  Guess what Santa brought me this Christmas?  Internet at our house!! Yippee! It was no easy feat being that we live in the country...thank goodness for Hughes Net and their Christmas specials!

Let me catch yall up!  I haven't posted since before Thanksgiving...I guess I better bring yall up to speed.  All of Dusty's family came up to our house for the day...lots of food was had, horseshoe games were played, and football was watched.  My kitchen never looked so small as it did that day! 
Dusty did his usual frying of the turkey and once again, it was YUMMY!  Toni and I spent most the morning/ afternoon in the kitchen whipping up the rest of the stuff.

It was a beautiful day up here on Thanksgiving so fortunately, we got to spend a lot of time outside!

It was a great day filled with fun and family.  It was hard not being around my family in Texas and, of course, I shed a few tears.  However, I decided that I needed to find the silver lining which was the beginning of new family traditions!

On to Christmas!
Preparing for Christmas was SO much fun this year!  Addy really had a handle on what was happening.  She knew it was Jesus' birthday and that Santa Claus was heading her way!  I think we discussed both people multiple times a day leading up to Christmas--she was so excited. 

Her preschool did a Christmas recital early in December.  This is one of those parenting moments I had always thought about...getting her hair curled and getting her dressed.  Then getting to see her on stage with her little classmates singing in front of an auditorium of people!  Dusty and I couldn't have been prouder!  She was not shy one bit!

Christmas rolled around super fast!  Suddenly it was Christmas Eve.  Again, all of Dusty's family came up to our house for the day/ evening.  The plan was to eat dinner and open presents, however, we were all guilty of snacking too much on all the little appetizers, so not much dinner was had.  Instead, we played board games--hadn't done that in ages and it was so fun!  We finally got around to presents and the kids had a blast.  Addy was pumped!!

Once everyone left, Dusty and I got busy with Christmas morning plans.  I began cooking our yummy breakfast casserole for the next morning as well as preparing the "Christmas Tree room" (as Addy calls it!).  I found the idea on Pinterest--my newest addiction.   Dusty and his best friend, Chuck, spent the cold evening outside putting Addy's big SURPRISE together.  Santa brought her a swingset!!   
The idea was for Addy to tear through the paper the next morning to get to her presents!

Addy awoke ready to open presents and see what Santa left her.  I'd be lying if I said Dusty and I weren't just as excited to see her do it!

Once she finally discovered the big surprise outside, we couldn't stop her!  Her reaction was priceless and so happy I got it recorded!

Christmas Day was spent at our house, just the three of with Duke.  Addy played and played and played all day long.  The homesickness hit me that afternoon when we Skyped with the majority of my family partying it up in Muenster.  It was truly strange to not be there.  It sucked actually.  Up until that moment, we had been SO busy that I hadn't had time to dwell on it much.  But like I said earlier, the silver lining is that Dusty and are able to begin new traditions.  I miss my family and cannot wait until June when we can head home for a bit!!

I go back to work Monday and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to remember how to do it since I have had three wonderful weeks off. Lol.  I've treasured all this time I had to spend with Addy and I know I'll be a sad Momma come Monday morning when I drop her off at school and I head back to work.  She is the coolest chick around.  :)

My New Year's Resolutions are going to be to blog more frequently and keep everyone updated more regularly.  Additionally, I'm back on the "get healthy" train.  Lordy.  I have gained 16 lbs since the summer and moving out here! Ack!!  I'm not ashamed.  But, if anyone remembers how stressed I was this summer during all the upheaval in our lives and then on top of it all--new house, new job, new people, new daycare, new life...I'm just glad I didn't gain 26 lbs! Lol!

Love to all!

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