Friday, March 9, 2012


Well hello, blog world, its been while.  Since my last post, there have been a few "happenings" around these parts. 

First off, I'm proud say that we have a potty trained little girl living under our roof!! Yippeee!!  For the past three weeks, Miss Addy has been in "big girl panties".  I decided one Saturday morning a few weeks back that she was going to put some panties on and no diaper.  We were going to be home and it was a long weekend so I thought what better time to try?  She ate it up!  Granted, we had been working towards this moment for quite some time to little the point that I was thinking, "Is this ever going to happen?". Lol.  Our girl was not only ready, but so proud to be a "big girl"!  With the new panties (...and let me tell ya, there are a lot...Dora the Explorere, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses, Disney Fairies...laawwwdy...) came a newfound "Miss Independent" stubborn streak.  There have been a few more timeouts happening at school and home.  We are working through it though--doing our best to say consistent.  She is much more of a decisive person than I am--no doubt about it, she knows what she wants.  End of story. 

Next change is our new car...last weekend we turned in our Rav4 for a Jeep Rubicon 4 door 4x4.  Its pretty cool.  Dusty and I have actually been dreaming and talking about this car for a couple years now.  It feels like us.  It fits us.  Some of y'all may remember my FJ Cruiser years ago...when I had to give that up when mommyhood entered the picture, I was inconsolable.  Well this Jeep puts the smile right back on my face.  We are taking it out on some trails this weekend...hopefully they are open, been a lot of snow up in the hills lately. 

Finally, we bought our tickets to come home this summer!!!!!!!! Addy and I will be heading back to TEXAS on June 21st...Dusty will be heading out July 1st.  Addy and I get to stay much longer--until July 25th--but due to work, Dusty will only be there a week.  Little time is better than no time, right?! I cannot wait to kiss that Texas soil.  I cannot wait to hug my family.  I cannot wait to be with my HEROES family.  I cannot wait for some brisket and Shiner Bock beer.  I cannot wait to see those big Texas blue skies.  I cannot wait!! 103 days!

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kinsey said...

that is scott's dream car!! hank even points them out to us and says "it's a jeep like daddy wants!" ha! love it. i'm going to dallas next week for 7 days...can't wait :-) and yeah for littles being potty nice!!