Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Surgery, Easter, Checkup...

Been a couple weeks guys...so here is an update on us.  It has now been one week since Dusty had his surgery.
Everything went "perfectly" as his doctor said afterwards.  The herniation was larger than what the MRI showed, but all was able to be shaved off.  His orders were to be down for two weeks; no bending, lifting, twisting etc.  We go back to LA on Monday for his follow up appointment and will find out if any of these limitations can be lifted.  He has been a pretty good patient! :-)  His first couple of days were a little rough on him, but he is definately getting better as the days go by.  He says the pain and the numbness he had been feeling is gone, however, he is still dealing with the incision pain/ soreness and some nerve pain.  (The nerve his herniation was sitting on was extremely inflamed so the doctor said it would take some time to heal and pain would be normal.)
Between his surgery recovery and my pregnancy drama, Easter was definately pretty mellow.  We did everything at our house and Toni was up for most the weekend helping us.  Addy got to dye eggs with her Nana, bake an Easter/ Pop Pop birthday cake with her Momma, draw with her new sidewalk chalk with her Daddy, and of course, the egg hunt. 
We got to celebrate Easter with Addy's school family on Good Friday.  HOOPS does an amazing job of reminding our kids what the holidays are all about.  However, they got to let loose on Friday and have a little Easter party with their parents.  She got to do an egg hunt with all of her classmates, have a pizza party, and play lots of fun games.  I always love getting to see her interact and play with her friends and teachers...really does show a different side of her.
Today was my pregnancy checkup.  Things look good!  My ovary has not really grown much at all between the appointments which is a great thing.  My pain has increased, but that is to be expected as Baby Girl grows.  My doctor did give me a prescription for stronger pain meds if it gets to the point that Tylenol isn't helping.  As long as the pain doesn't become unbearable and/or I don't go into labor prior, we are set for May 15.  I will go in for a ceserean as well as removal of the ovary and attached tube.  We did get to see our girl and she is precious...could already see the chubby cheeks!! Can't wait!
Things are going well...and the extra family time we have been afforded has been so nice! 
Keep those prayers coming!!

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