Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to school...and stuff

I am exhausted. School started yesterday. No kids--just us teachers. My brain is overflowing with information. I haven't had more than 2 hours in my classroom this week to get it ready for my students next week. I'll never understand why we aren't given more time to prepare in the week before school. Could have started last week I guess, but oh that's right, I was still teaching summer school. I was kicked out of my school at 6 last nite which meant I got to do as much as I could from home. I worked until 9:30 and I still have an immense load of work to get done. Despite all of my "tired-ness", I LOVE being this busy. I really do. Crazy huh? I do better when I'm under pressure and going in a million different directions. And...I absolutey cannot wait to see my kids next week! Yay!!!

I went to my cousin, Kris Anne's, bachelorette party this past Saturday. (She is getting married this Saturday, the 23rd! yay!)

Isn't she cute?! My lil bride to be!

The party was a blast! We went to a few places in downtown Fort Worth and danced and laughed and partied all nite long! Can't wait for the wedding!! I would normally put more pictures up here, but my batteries in my camera decided to die after the first shot. :(

Did I ever mention all the bridesmaid dress drama I have had this summer? Well let me tell ya, it the reason I'm ready for these weddings to be done with! (I love my girls and am honored to be part of their big day, but the dresses have done me in!) I was fitted for both dresses back in April--before I became preggers. Getting pregnant and then miscarrying all happened in between getting sized and receiving the dresses. When Alyson's wedding was about a month away, I tried the dress on. It didn't fit--not even close. It was so bad that my Mom and I were convinced that I was sized wrong. We took it to a tailor--she fixed it. I got my dress for Kris's wedding only one week ago. I tried it on and you guessed it, didn't fit either. What was so strange about it all was that the dresses were fitting in the waist, but not in the bust. Weird. We took it the our tailor again. After a beratement from this Vietnemese woman telling me "You need lose weight, you go on diet" over and over again, I'm almost in tears. It took my Mom telling her that I miscarried to get her to shut up. We left and took it to the tailor the dress store uses all the way out in Richland Hills. The whole way out there, my Mom and I are trying to figure out what happened to these dresses. Could my body really have changed that much from being preggers for only 8 weeks? We get finally get out there where they remeasured me. Sure enough, my bust line grew 2 whole inches!! Who knew! Thankfully this tailor was nice to me and didn't tell me how I needed to lose weight, he just worked his magic and got the dress to fit me just right. (after a couple trips to Richland Hills!) Thank goodness! Now you know why I'm ready for a wedding break!

Like I said, I am TIRED. I'm going to bed....


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kinsey said...

i agree...we've needed more time in our rooms! glad you got the dresses worked out! that's my least favorite part of being in weddings too!