Saturday, August 30, 2008

I survived! First week of school and Kris's Wedding!

So...its Saturday morning after the first week of school...and I survived...just barely. ;) Not one dinner was cooked this week. All take out and frozen pizzas--too tired to stand in the kitchen and make anything. It was so good to see my little ones again...I missed them. The week was a success over all. I was swamped with things to get done, scheduling, meetings, etc--but I LOVE it. I've decided that I'm one of those people who does better under pressure with a full plate of things to complete. I love being as busy as I was this past week. But I think more than anything, it just re-confirms for me that I am so lucky to be in a position that I love, that I look forward to going to work every morning. Don't get me wrong, it isn't all roses. Things like politics, law makers, budget issues etc tend to have a way of making education harder than it should be. I won't go into detail, but to deal with those kinds of issues day in and day out, making the money we do make, people have to know that the majority of teachers teach because they love what they do and who they do it for--the kids. Teaching is a calling and definately not for the faint of heart. Alright....enough of my soapbox. :)

Last weekend my cousin Kris Anne went from being a Trevathan to a McIntire! All I can say is that my little tomboy of a cousin transformed into a breathtakingly beautiful bride.

Isn't she lovely....

We had a great time at the wedding. It was beautiful. The whole fam was there and, true to tradition, it was one fun party! I am blessed with a huge loving family. The older I get, the more I realize that what we have is uncommon--this little Felderhoff-Fuhrmann-Trevathan clan we have. We run about 50 deep at this point, with Grandma at the helm and Grandpa orchestrating it all from up above. Everyone is there for everyone. When my uncle, Calvin--my mom's brother--passed away, everyone on my dad's side of the family was there at the wake, the rosary, the church service, and the funeral. It was an amazing feeling to look around and see them all there for us. To feel that kind of love and support is like a warm blanket wrapped around you. And thats just one example. Dusty and I had a pretty tough first year of marriage and we always felt the love and support from everyone through it all. It a remarkable bond that we all share. I LOVE my family! We are always looking for excuses to get together...always looking for something to celebrate just so we can all party again. I don't know what I would do or where I would be without my family. I am so blessed.

Back to the was a blast! We took the dance floor over in true Felderhoff all nite...and even went to a local bar for post wedding partying! Here are a few pictures from the weekend.


Michael, Jodi, and Brady said...

Yay for surviving our first week of school!!!

Anonymous said...

nice pics