Monday, August 11, 2008

Beach Wedding!!

We went to Port Aransas on Thursday to celebrate Alyson and Danny's wedding. We had a BLAST! When we got there Thursday, we immediately went down to the beach with Alyson for some pre wedding relaxation. Initially, it was just Alyson, Dusty, and myself...oh and don't forget her dog, Diesel. Slowly but surely, others started to arrive. We had a great time meeting her and Danny's family and friends--so great of a time that I think at one point Alyson thought about skipping the rehearsal that evening and going straight to dinner! I swear, she might be the most laid back bride ever. :)
This maid of honor finally decided for the two of us, Alyson and myself, that we needed to at least get showered up for the evening's events. So we made our way up to our rooms. Boo. We wanted to stay on the beach. We all met in the lobby to go through the next day's ceremony. It was the quickest rehearsal I have ever been a part of . She lined us up, said walk, told us to stand, then told us to walk out. I wasn't kidding when I said she was laid back!

We headed out to dinner afterwards where they had yummy steak and shrimp and troughs full of beer! It was pretty close to heaven. :)
Dusty sure liked the beer troughs....;)

The next day was the wedding. We got up and spent most of the day finishing all of the last minute things she needed to get done for the ceremony and reception. Once that was done, we headed up to the room for mimosas--it was time to get ready!

Axe EM!

The ceremony was on the on the beach and our aisle was the boardwalk. It was so pretty. The sun had just started to set and the wind had died down just enough. It was gorgeous!

The ceremony was short and sweet...I had the perfect view of Danny saying his vows. I saw his chin start to tremble just a bit. It was so sweet. I'm so happy for my best friend, Alyson,--she found a super good guy! Yay for the newly married Glass couple!!!!!

The reception was a blast by the way....the camera didn't make it to that event!! I had to give a toast which I was unprepared for. I thought I heard I wouldn't have to--maybe that was just wishful thinking. Everyone said I did a good maybe it wasn't so bad. We partied and partied til early in the morning!! It was a great time had by all!

Dusty and I took advantage of the beautiful scenery and snapped some shots of ourselves...enjoy!

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