Friday, August 14, 2009

a little something for me..

i did it. i joined weight watchers again. it is time to get serious about losing this baby weight. the cool thing about it is that ww allows extra points for nursing mamas. i think my mom was a little jealous with all the extra points i get! i have already lost close to 20 pounds since having her without trying much. i'm hoping that the rest will come off with some ease now that i am putting some effort into it. i'm also attempting a new workout video.

i have begun the 30 day shred by jillian michaels of biggest loser fame. i have done it the last 3 days and i am SORE. ouch. its convenient though...only 20 minutes. can't beat that. the video claims you can lose up to 20 pounds in 30 we shall see....

all i want is to be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes by the time i go back to work in a month. i really don't want to have to buy all new work clothes. that would be no bueno. so...wish me luck!

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Jodi said...

You've inspired me to dust off my dvd. I came home and did it today! Only 29 more days to go ;-)