Tuesday, August 25, 2009

going going, back back, to cali cali... :)

tomorrow is it! we leave for california in the morning for an entire week!! time for the other half of the family to meet miss thang! i have been packing all day--mainly her stuff. its amazing how much more is required to travel when you add a little one to the picture. she has her own little bag that is probably way more organized than mine will be.

i am having some anxiety about traveling with her though. i'm always a little nervous on planes, but having her with us brings it to a new level. i know she will be great, but i'm still anxious! our plane stops twice, and we change planes once. thats the price you pay when you go with the cheapest flight! but i think that might actually be good, we'll have an opportuity to get her out of the seat and walk her around. hope i'm right!

well, baby is calling...time for dinner # 1 of the evening. :) i am bringing my camera in hopes of getting a ton of pictures of addy with her californian family!!

please send good thoughts and prayers our way that we have a great day of traveling!

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