Saturday, August 1, 2009

MY little miss sunshine!

baby girl is now 6 weeks old--holy cow! when did that happen? i feel like we were just at the hospital having her. amazing how time flies...and it seems to fly faster with this little one in our life. its already august? no way! thank goodness i'm of work until september 28...i still have almost 2 whole months off with the most fun excuse to miss work ever--addy! and i am less freaked out to go back after getting the daycare situation taken care of AND meeting my new principal. man, is she great. i met with her to go over my maternity leave and when i told her i am having anxiety over missing the beginning of school, she told me--and i quote--"leslie, that little girl of yours is way more important than any of this. you enjoy your time with her because you will look back one day and be so glad you did." now if that isn't the best thing to hear from your new boss, i don't know what is.

like i said, miss addy mae is 6 weeks old as of yesterday. in the past week we have had one major development that is the best thing i have ever laid my eyes on--smiles, smiles, and more smiles! wednesday morning when i went to get her out of her crib about 5 am, i said good morning to her and she looked up at me and smiled the biggest smile i have ever seen. it melted my heart. i have never seen a more beautiful smile! it is definately worth the wait!


kinsey said...

she's so cute :-)

i've been emailing with laurie about getting a sub for me and she has been SO MUCH HELP! i love that she understands where our priorities lie at this time in our lives. SO NICE.

The May Family said...

oooh! I love her adorable gummy smile!!! Morning smiles are my favorite!