Monday, February 1, 2010

birthday weekend wrap-up!

can you believe i took not one picture this weekend? and it was my birthday weekend? i should have my wrist slapped! (maybe lisa will email the few pics we took saturday nite...pleeeease!) so since i have no fun pictures, i'll do a little weekend wrap up!

BEST PART: so many things come to mind...waking up to my daughter's smiling face the morning of my birthday might just be the best gift i have ever received...l.o.v.e. in addition, dusty went above and beyond this year...surprised me with some brand new tennis shoes {and my favorite candy}--puma, might i add (my fave)--speaks to the inner athlete in me that i love tennis shoes as a present! he also organized a casual bbq get together with some of our closest friends which later turned into a bowling date nite! so fun!!

WORST PART: the bit of a hangover i had all day sunday...and i didn't even drink that much saturday nite. can we say old? ugh. the worst headache in some time yesterday. yuck.

PEOPLE I SAW: my wonderful hubby and daughter of course...also dave and lisa, and my parents. oh and vinnie--the guy who fixed our P.O.S. garage door for a great price! ;)

SOMETHING I ACCOMPLISHED: not much of anything..the usual grocery store trip and a little bit of laundry

SOMETHING I DIDN'T ACCOMPLISH: the rest of the laundry

THINGS I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS WEEK: presenting a staff development thursday nite for other teachers covering strategies for teaching students with autism...i know, a little geeky!

THINGS I'M NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS WEEK: not getting to see my baby girl thursday nite due to the previously mentioned staff development...:(

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