Friday, February 12, 2010

i mean, really?

**disclaimer- in no way am i trying to offend anyone reading this. just my opinion, folks!

i have an almost 8 month old baby. i am still breastfeeding this almost 8 month old baby. just within the past few weeks have i noticed people giving me strange looks or asking questions like "how much longer are you going to do that?" as if suddenly my baby is too old to nurse. first off, not your business. secondly, i find it funny that people feel they can give unsolicited advice/ opinions on things such as this.

i am someone who never thought nursing past 3 months would happen for me. i am proud of myself in that i approached breastfeeding with a completely open mind. i never set a deadline. i had an incredibly hard time in the beginning making this work. i wanted to give up more than once. i cried and cried, struggling with figuring out what would be best for our family.

when 3 months rolled around, we were doing great. it was time to go back to work so i was going to be beginning a pumping schedule. to be honest, i didn't think i would be successful and had prepared myself for making the switch to formula. however, i was wrong. the routine of pumping at work got to be my new normal really quick. it is not the easiest routine--carrying a big pump to and from work everyday along with a cooler, batteries, parts, bags...lots of stuff. so much that i had to give in and get one of those rolling carts that i dreaded ever needing as a teacher. ;)

anyways, i decided to try and get to 6 months with her. somewhere in between 3 and 6 months, this all became very easy. i also somehow managed to create a huge stockpile in our freezer. (as of now, i think i have close to 100oz in there--may end up donating some.) six months rolled around and i decided to set a new goal--addy's first birthday. some people have a funny reaction to that. almost acting like it it is weird or gross that i would want to nurse for that long. whatever. this is what we feel is best for our little one.

breastfeeding is something that has caught me completely by surprise. i never dreamed i would want to nurse for a year. i look forward to that time with my daughter. i am giving her something no one else in this world can provide. it is a special time between the two of us.

i know there are a lot of differing opinions out there on what is considered "best" for our children. we all do what we can--what we feel is best. i know not everyone nurses, i know some are only able to for a short time, i know there are some who nurse way beyond a year. i wasn't nursed for a year, neither was dusty, and we both ended up healthy people. i am sure that when addy has her babies, the guidelines on what to do will be different for her than they were for me. all i know is that i am proud that my baby and i have made it this far and i hope we are able to make 4 more months!

for those who don't are a few reasons i am choosing to breastfeed for a year:

Breastfeeding protects your baby from gastrointestinal trouble, respiratory problems, and ear infections

Breastfeeding can protect your baby from developing allergies.

Breastfeeding may boost your child's intelligence

Breastfeeding may protect against obesity later in life

Breastfeeding may protect your baby from childhood leukemia

Breastfeeding may protect your baby from developing type 1 diabetes

Breastfeeding may lower your baby's risk of SIDS

Breastfeeding helps you lose weight

Breastfeeding can lower your stress levels and reduce postpartum bleeding

Breastfeeding may reduce your risk of some types of cancer

Breastfeeding may protect against osteoporosis later in life


Rachael Taylor said...

You're doing great! Ignore the negativity! I pumped for a year and nursed at night until 16 months when she weaned herself, and I'm so glad I did! You will be too!

Aim4525 said...

Amen! People should do their research and find out that doctors recommend nursing a year before they judge! I am most impressed that you are pumping and keeping it up. Zev is still nursing too... Congrats!