Monday, May 10, 2010

my first mother's day

funny how children change one's perspective on everything. before i was a mom, i always thought to myself, "when i am a mom and mother's day comes around, i want to take the day off from being mommy--lay in the bed all day, watch movies, and let my hubby do all the parenting."

yesterday being my first mother's day, that certainly wasn't the case. i wanted nothing more than to be with my little nuclear family--dusty, addy, and duke. i was granted the opportunity to lay in bed a little later while daddy and daughter went grocery shopping for my big breakfast. that was lovely. :) when they got back to the house 30 minutes later, i was greeted with a smiling baby girl reaching out her arms to grab hold of my neck. ahh life is good. i received from my hubby a very mushy card (and he doesn't do mushy, so that was a treat!), and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. from my daughter i received a less mushy, but very cute/ funny card along with a bag of plain m&m's (yum), a fudge brownie (double yum), and a balloon.

we didn't do much of anything in particular yesterday which was lovely. i spent my first mother's day not at all like i had pictured in previous years, however, i don't think i could have ever imagined just how happy my little family makes me. i am a lucky gal. ;)

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The Glass Family said...

Sounds like a perfect day. :) Miss you, friend! Do you need help with Miss Addy's birthday party? Anything I can do to help?