Friday, May 28, 2010


i did it, guys. i started exercising again--for real exercising. and not to "get skinny" (although that will be a nice side effect), but to feel better. :) i have had this nagging in the last month or so that i want to get running again. i am someone who used to run like crazy--i played soccer all the way through college running close to 10 miles in one game! man, i miss those soccer legs i used to have. ;)

anyways, i found a program called "From couch potato to 5K in 9 weeks". i just completed week one last nite. it is breaking me in nice and slow...3 nites of running a total of 20 minutes each nite. run for 60 seconds, walk for 90 seconds, and repeat. i could already tell difference in my energy by the end of the week. and i felt SO amazing after each run.

i plan on entering an actual race at the end of my 9 weeks--sometime in the early fall. wish me luck!


kinsey said...

will you send your program to me?! i want to do the same thing! i used to run all the time and miss it--and my body that went with it ;-)

The Glass Family said...

Good for you, friend!! Very proud of you. I'm still stuck in the Couch Potato mode. I've never really enjoyed running, but I should probably try soon!!