Saturday, November 27, 2010

dinner with the smo's!

we met the smo's (aka the smotherman's) for dinner last nite at gloria's in firewheel town center. yumm-o!

kelley and i became great friends during the two years she worked in my classroom and we have continued to get closer as the time goes by. i adore her and her precious family...casey, jeff lewis, and gerry. kelley and i talk all the time, but finding time to actually get together is hard. so i was excited about or plans last nite.

addy was the center of the show, of course.

::addy sporting gerry's sun-glackes::

::mama smo and addy::

::the girls; casey, mama smo, and addy::

::jeff lewis and his chloe::

we had a great time!!!

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