Monday, November 8, 2010

what are YOU thankful for?

i have been crabby lately, especially at work. feeling a bit beatdown, stuck, complacent, invisible...etc. it's forced me to do a little soul searching...why am i feeling this way? i have some ideas on that matter, that i won't bore you with here. ;)

however, this grouchy attitude of mine has gotten to the point of annoying me a bit. while i can't do much to change the circumstances surrounding my feelings, i can, however, change the way in which i react to these particular circumstances. :)

::insert drumroll::

project thankful.

everyday, for this beautiful month of november, i will list a few things i am thankful for that particular day. some may not be very deep or profound, however, i am hoping this project helps to get me out of my crabby rut.

today, 11.8.2010, i am thankful:
1. for my husband who said to me this morning, 'don't worry, babe, it will be alright'...just when i needed it. love him.
2. for the walk i took with my girl and our 'bubba' this evening as the sun was setting.
3. for conan's premiere on tbs tonite! missed me some conan. :)

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kinsey said...

i like this idea :-) so fun to write out things we are thankful for...even if they are the simple things.