Wednesday, June 15, 2011

California Dreamin'...

What a fun filled whirlwind of a week we had in California!  We haven't even been back 24 hours yet!  We spent 8 magical days away from reality with our Cali family.  It is simply too much to tell so I will share our trip with you through a story of photo collages from the trip!

First things first...we were greeted by Nana in the airport and Addy was SO excited!!

This was our first night in California.  We hadn't been at Nana's house longer than 10 minutes and family came bursting in the door!  We had so much fun this awesome to have everyone together under one roof!  Wiffle ball tournaments were played...hugs were was had...and the laughs kept coming!

Addy now has a new affinity for horses.  Or "Horseeeeees" as she called them!  Nana has two horses, Red and Rocky.  Addy was fast friends with both of them, but had a special bond with Rocky.  We got to ride them, feed them, brush was so exciting for our girl.  Midway through the week, it became Addy and Nana time with just the two of them going together twice everyday.  I know it was special for both of them. :)

Addy had a GREAT time with her cousins!  She was smitten with Victoria (8 years her elder!) right off the bat.  (center pic)  I kept seeing Addy just watching what she was doing and wanting to be just like her.  Addy was also fast friends with her cousin, Corey Dain. (bottom left pic)  By the end of the week Addy couldn't stop herself from telling him hi and showering him with hugs!

Mountains!!  Everytime I'm in California I am amazed by the mountains.  Pure beauty.  The drive up to the camp (at 6000 ft elevation!) always puts me at long as I've had my Dramamine! ;)  We spent the day fishing at Dusty's Aunt Pam's cabin.  Addy had a BLAST! That is, until she got carsick on the way down the mountain.  Fun was over at that point! ;)

Addy got her first haircut from Nana while we were there!  We've got bangs in the front and trimmed ends in the back.  Addy did such a great job during the cut--we were SO proud.  And yes, I did bring home some of her hair.  Mommy was a little emotional. ;)

Since Addy's birthday is on Father's Day, Nana surprised her with a fun pool to play in!  It was so cool...had a slide, sprayers, basketball, and rings.  She loved it and played in it all afternoon after the haircut.

Towards the end of the week we did a little searching through Toni's (Nana's) old pictures.  We had a blast and found her baby book and tons of albums and photos from her childhood.  A little bit of Addy shined through in Nana's baby photos.  We also happened upon Dusty's high school scrap book.  These were a few of my faves.  Wasn't he adorable?!

On our last night, everyone came by for one last visit.

We got home late last night and were all feeling pretty tired.  We had an amazing time in California and loved the 'break from reality.'  We happened upon some not so good news when we got home regarding Dusty's job.  We are trying to figure out our next step and welcome any prayers or good thoughts you could send our way.

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