Sunday, March 10, 2013

29 weeks down...

...and what feels like an eternity to go.  I'm now into the "30's".  Discomfort has set in.  Every time I stand up, gravity reminds me to find the nearest bathroom.  Sciatic pain is no joke either.  What has been very different this time around is how low this baby is sitting in my belly, which is causing me to have a lot of discomfort and pain very low in my pelvic area.  Seriously, I can't stand up straight after I've been sitting for awhile because of the pressure.  Doctor says its normal.  What I wanted him to say was, "Oh you poor need to stop working now."  No such luck.  Maybe I should have found a female doctor so she could sympathize with me.  Lol.  Oh yea...all I want to do is SLEEP.  All.  Day. Long. 
But...I'm still SOOO excited!
Dusty has been dealing with some back pain for awhile now.  It's something that has always come and gone for most of his adult life and this time, it's just not going away.  He has been seeing a chiropractor for a month or so and hasn't gotten an relief.  So yesterday we took him to get a MRI and should find out the results early this week.  Hoping for a non surgical answer to his pain!  Fingers crossed!!

Addy is still truckin' along...bigger personality everyday, I swear.  She is definately talking about the baby more.  Asked me what she will look like, where she will sleep etc.  Told me that she would share her room with baby..."Mommy, she can sleep in my room.  I would like that."  Love her.


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