Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our Cowgirl!

Addy had dress up like a cowboy/ cowgirl at school last week.  She was so excited to show off to everyone what a cowgirl she really is.  That's the thing about where we live, how could she not be?!  She has helped feed the cattle in our pastures and been witness to a couple of calf births.  She just eats it all up.  One cow in particular, Beauty, is pretty fond of Miss Addy and always comes to our fence to spend quality time with our girl.
Back to cowgirl day at school.  She killed it!  And based on some of these pictures, Dusty was already cleaning the shotgun in preperation for the future boys knocking on our door.  She turns 4 in a few months and in these photos, she actually looks like heart breaks a little when I see her looking so big.  She is supposed to ALWAYS be my little baby.  :-)

And a little silly time with my girl...

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