Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It's been a week since my last post, so let me get everyone up to speed.  First off, my bloodwork came back completely normal.  Hooray!!  So now it really is a "hurry up and wait" scenario.  As long as I can tolerate the pain until May 15, we will be meeing this beautiful baby girl and taking this yucky ovary out.  So far, the pain hasn't really gotten worse, but I have definately been trying to follow doctor's orders of taking it easy.  I can tell the difference when I don't do that.  Thankfully, things are looking good.   I will go back for another sonogram April 2 to see where we are at.
Now, for Dusty's back update.  Yesterday, he and I drove to LA for him to be seen by one of the best neurosurgeons in the country at Cedars Sinai.  He looked over Dusty's MRI results and did a small evaluation.  Basically, he has a very COMMON injury, however, Dusty's is larger than most which makes it a little more serious.  We were given two treatment options; one being an epidural which could last only a week or as much as a month or two and then we would be right back to where we are right now.  The other option presented was surgery.  It is a minimally invasive, 45 minute procedure where the doctor will go in and remove the part of the disc that is buldging out.  (It almost sounded like a knee scope when he described the procedure.)  It an outpatient surgery, meaning we can go home afterwards, plus Dusty would be pain free almost as soon as he woke up.
The doctor felt like surgery is our best option based on the type of work Dusty does and how young he is. We agreed and are set for him to go back to LA for the procedure next Tuesday, the 26th.  Yea, I know, both of us being "down" at the same time sounds crazy, but it's better now than when we have Addy AND a newborn in the house.  The last thing we need is for Dusty to be recovering from back surgery and me recovering from a ceserean and ovary removal at the same time.  What's so great about his surgery is that he will be back to work about a week or so after surgery.  His "down time" is minimal, thankfully.
That's the latest!  Keep those prayers coming!!!!

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