Thursday, September 3, 2009

California Dreamin'...

We are back! We got in late last nite and were super happy to be back in Texas and in our home. We had a GREAT time while we were in Cali. I took close to 90 pictures while we were there, so I can't put all of them up. I'll try and stick with the highlights.

Dusty's best friend, Chuck, picked us up from the airport on Wednesday and took us to Grandma Toni's house. (Thank u Chuck for making the 3 hour drive to LA to pick us up! We luv ya for it!!) We got to Grandma's house around 8 that evening, had pizza, a few drinks, and just hung out. Addy really enjoyed getting to know her Grandma!

The next day, Dusty's brother and sister in law, Chad and Dawn, came by to meet their new niece. Addy was in a great mood and even fell asleep on Aunt Dawn!
Friday nite, Grandma got to babysit Addy while Dusty and I partied with Chuck and Anna. We had a blast! It was one of Anna's friend's 30th b-day. It was the longest chunk of time I have spent away from Addy and at one point in the nite, I teared up because I was missing her so much. Thank goodness Anna was there to understand the crazy new mom emotions!The next day I woke up to a slightly hungover hubby! ;) He was a hurtin unit!! He maintained and pushed through and we went over to Chad and Dawn's house for bbq and swimming. Addy even got in the pool and she LOVED it!
Later that nite we went to casino nite! Didn't win anything, but got to get dressed up and go out with my handsome husband! Addy's cousin Courtney got to watch her that nite.
We got up early the next morning and drove to Visalia to stay a couple days with Chuck and Anna. We had a great time bbq-ing and just being lazy together. I LOVE Chuck and Anna...they have been amazing friends to Dusty and I am lucky to now be their friend as well. They have to gorgeous kids who got to meet Addy. They were so sweet and good with her--Addy just loved them. Addy really loved Anna...I lost count of how many times Addy fell asleep on her!
We left Visalia and went back to Grandma's house to spend our last full day in town. Uncle Allen and Aunt Janelle came by. Addy was in a super cute mood!Our last nite there, we got to out on a motorcycle ride with Dusty's dad. He has I think 6 Harley's in his garage so we had our pick. We rode up to a little town called Springville and had some burgers at a little stand. It was a beautiful ride that I wish I had pictures of.

It was time to leave town the next morning and head back to Texas. We had a great time, but were ready to come back to our life. Addy did pretty good with all the traveling...3 hour car ride to the airport...4 more hours in a plane with 2 stops...and then 30 more min to get to our house. She was a little trooper! Can't wait to take her back out there!

Thank you Grandma Toni for opening your home to us while we there and taking such great care of us. We love you and miss you already!

Here is one last pic of Addy...tell me this isn't the cutest little thang you have ever laid your eyes on!!!

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Jodi said...

Glad Addy was such a good traveler. Love your new header!