Monday, September 28, 2009

survived day 1.

so i made it...and only a few tears were shed this morning. i got the major crying out of the way friday morning, i guess. i'm still feeling blue though. i picked her up about 4:15, she fell asleep, and didn't wake up until 5. we took a bath and ate one last time and she was asleep in bed by 7:00. that's only about and hour and a half of awake time with my baby girl. i'm having a hard time adjusting to it. i worry that she will forget who i am. and i'm a little jealous that others are getting all that time with her during the day. this sucks. am i crazy to think that she might forget me? please tell me i am.

school was good. i was so thrilled to see my kids. i had one say, "ms. leslie, i thought i lost you." isn't that precious?! another one gave me a kiss on the cheek! they made me feel so good to be back with them. i was also warmly welcomed by everyone in the building...other teachers giving me hugs telling me welcome back and asking how i was doing. it felt great. it reminded me of why i LOVE where i work so much. it really is so much like a little family.

all in all it was a successful day. i am tired. a different kind of tired. and i miss my little one. i might just watch her sleep tonite. :)

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Jodi said...

She WON'T forget you...I promise! This will just make you enjoy the weekends THAT much more. And she'll start staying up a little later as she gets older so you'll get more time in during the week. Sounds like your first day back went pretty well. We're glad you're back!